Independent Florist

We hope you like our independent website. The photos are (almost) all real snaps taken of our own arrangements. They show the flowers as they really are, not photoshopped to show all the flowers that are around the back too. Since an amateur camera can never capture the natural beauty of flowers, we guarantee that your arrangement will look better than the picture you see.   

Victoria Park Florist is proud to be a truly Independent flower shop. By this we mean that we have no affiliation or obligation to any of the large internet companies that have taken over much of the floral industry. When you place an order through FTD, 1-800 Flowers, Teleflora, or any of the other internet pirates that spend millions on advertising and deceptive search engine placements to lure you into their clutches, you will find that up to 50% of your money is siphoned off before your order ever gets to the design table at one of their captive florists. We are not alone however, and gradually more and more florists are making the decision to throw off their chains and declare their own independence.

To find the best florist just go to your favorite search engine, ask for florists in the town or zip code to which you wish flowers sent and then ignore the Ad placements at the top. (These are mostly pirates) Find the best rated florist and be sure they have a physical address in the area you want flowers. If you want help finding someone good in another town call us and we'll give you a free, unbiased recommendation. We believe that customers should deal directly with their florists the same way as you do with all your other service providers. When a customer calls and the first question they ask is 'Are you a florist actually located in Chapel Hill?" we love it because it means another person has learned the great advantage of dealing directly with their florist. Cut the internet pirates out of the loop and start getting real value for your flower dollars!

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