Our storefront is open, so come in and smell the flowers! But please wear a mask when you do.
1129 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919)967-9394

We hope you like our independent website. The photos are (almost) all real snaps taken of our own arrangements. They show the flowers as they really are, not photoshopped to show all the flowers that are around the back too. Since an amateur camera can never capture the natural beauty of flowers, we guarantee that your arrangement will look better than the picture you see. In 2012, we left Teleflora and became totally independent of any wireservice company.  Unfortunately, wireservice companies have gone from being vital facilitators of inter-florist activity, to a role that concentrates on luring in internet flower purchasers with flashy websites and big promises, only to siphon off large amounts of the purchaser's money before handing the order along to a florist to be arranged and delivered.   By going totally independent we can assure you, the customer, of the highest value for your flower dollars.  We have chosen to invest in our customers by providing you beautiful arrangements for a good price.  Thank you for rewarding us with a first class reputation which we promise to go to great lengths to uphold and protect.