WE ARE STILL ABLE TO DELIVER FLOWERS! In-store shopping is currently suspended for the safety of our community. However we can still make and deliver your selection of beautiful flowers. Please submit your order online or call us at (919)967-9394. Delivery will be made with maximum care taken to ensure the safety of the recipient. Everything is thoroughly sanitized. Because of uncertainties of supply and public orders, the webstore won't allow you to order more than 1 week in advance.
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Support SPCA in Zimbabwe

We recently received a cry of help from the SPCA charity in Mutare, Zimbabwe which is where Margaret is from and where David and Margaret lived for more than 20 years. (See "Our Story" elsewhere on this website). The Mutare SPCA is run by a dedicated group of volunteers, most of whom are people we know and they are performing a much needed role in the community not only housing and caring for animals in need but performing an outreach role investigating reports of abuse and running educational programs to encourage more humane care of pets and livestock. The country is in an economic decline and they can no longer finance their projects locally and have turned to friends abroad to help. Please browse through their website to get an idea of the work they do. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/survival-of-animal-welfare-charity-in-zimbabwe/" They are linked to Global Giving who are registered in the USA as a non-profit so donations are tax deductible. You can also help them by ordering from the selection of arrangements in this section and WE WILL MAKE A DONATION OF $10 FOR EVERY ONE WE SELL. Thanks to kind customers, we sent $750 to this charity in 2017 and hope to send more than that for 2018. If you click on the link above you can make your own tax deductible donation. Thank you for caring.